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The Learning Environment
We Offer:
  • A fully equipped, true Montessori setting.
  • A warm and understanding educational environment for 2½ to 5 year olds.
  • The opportunity for children to learn through a range of activities, from simple practical tasks, like doing up buttons, to activities which develop reading, writing and mathematical skills.
  • Cookery, music and movement, percussion groups, drama, gardening, outdoor learning, woodland visits, art and craft and French.
We have much of the equipment which you would normally associate with a nursery school, such as books, puzzles, art equipment and musical instruments. In addition, a Montessori class has special teaching materials which fall within the following categories:
Practical Life
Activities such as pouring and buttoning which enable children to perfect many skills of daily life, whilst also improving co-ordination, concentration and self-confidence.
Sensory Development
Young children learn mainly through sensory experience. This equipment helps improve children's sensory ability, making them better able to learn. It also shows the fundamentals of the physical world (such as shape, form and colour), a clear understanding of these is the foundation for later, more abstract learning.
We have many activities which prepare children for writing and help them recognise the phonetic sounds of our language. Once the foundation is laid, reading and writing are learnt through simple and enjoyable activities.
A range of games give children concrete experience of basic number concepts, with gradual progression being made towards the abstract.
The activities encourage the development of communication skills, creativity, co-ordination and investigative skills.
Group Activities
Although many tasks are individual, we also plan daily group activities. The nursery school is often a child's first experience in adjusting to a larger group and making friends. This experience is therefore offered with care and understanding so that a sense of security and belonging is there from the start.
We have a large, sheltered garden, which the children enjoy all year round. In addition we take small groups of children on weekly woodland visits to explore and learn about their natural environment.

Our high quality curriculum is fully compatible with mainstream education and provides coverage of the DfE's Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.
Our Prospectus Pack has full details of our aims, approach and activities.
If you would like a copy of these or would like to visit us, please contact Mandy Hall (07774 936960)

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